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In a quiet moment a breakthrough comes, the miracle of the new.

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Epiphanies: Where Science and Miracles Meet

by Ann Jauregui, Ph.D

Sometimes in a random moment, things come into exquisite order.  A child lies daydreaming in the grass.  Her eyes go to a yellow blur in the green, a dandelion that turns into a portal.  Years later she will say, “I felt the universe open up to me.  The moment was immensely peaceful, ecstatic…like the truth of the way things really are.  It had the quality of a new revelation and yet something I had always known, even before I was born.”


Look at this, you whisper as you see something about the universe you’ve never seen before.  And look at this, you whisper too, seeing yourself seeing it.  The universe is bigger than it was a minute ago, and so are you.  What are these sudden, palpable truths we call epiphanies?  And – living in this time of great urgency – how can we make real-life use of them when they arrive, bringing insight that feels at once revelatory and familiar?



Audio interview with Jeffrey Milburn:
"Listen to a remarkable interview for those interested in down to earth stories of extraordinary transcendent experiences in the course of an otherwise normal life. Ann Jauregui's award-winning book Epiphanies builds chapter by chapter, melding her personal experience with a scientific and spiritual inquiry. The result is a big message, uplifting us into healing and hope."

Winner of a Silver Nautilus Book Award in the Cosmology/New Science category

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Ann Jauregui

author, psychotherapist, consultant and teacher

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