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About the Author

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Ann Jauregui PhD has been seeing adults, couples and families as a practicing psychotherapist, consultant and teacher for more than forty years.  She offers an inclusive approach to both in-depth and problem-solving therapies, influenced by narrative theory and by wisdom traditions from around the world.  She encourages explorations into meditation, writing and the arts.  She cofounded Marin Creek House, a multidisciplinary center for the healing arts in Berkeley, California, taught at Women’s Therapy Center, and has served as Adjunct Professor at John F. Kennedy Graduate School of Professional Psychology and at The Wright Institute, Berkeley.  Her essays have appeared in Common Boundary, Dulwich Centre Newsletter, Institute of Noetic Sciences Review and The Chrysalis Reader.


Dr. Jauregui and her late husband, Dr. John Jauregui, have been recognized for their comprehensive approach to health and wellbeing.  Their family of eight children and fourteen grandchildren spends quiet and not-so-quiet time in northern New Mexico and the Sierra Nevada.

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